P90X Phase 3 Workouts

P90X Phase 3 Workouts

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Tony Horton hosts P90X and Shawna Brannon is a cast member in the series.

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The P90X home exercise series consists of 13 workouts performed over 90 days. With many more days than workouts, that means you'll be repeating workouts. But that doesn't mean you'll be doing the same thing all the time. The program mixes up the order of workouts, dividing the program into different phases with distinct schedules. Phase three is the final section of the program, running from weeks nine to 13.

Phase Three Basics

Phase three encompasses the final five weeks of the P90X program. According to the "P90X Fitness Guide," phase three of the program emphasizes muscle confusion, meaning that you will engage in a variety of exercises that don't allow your muscles to adapt. The guide states that you should be well prepared by this phase of the program and should do every exercise to your maximum ability. In the case of resistance exercises this means doing exercises to your maximum number of reps.

Weeks Nine and 11

On weeks nine and 11 you will begin with the "Chest & Back" and "Ab Ripper X" videos on day one. On day two you'll switch to cardio, doing the "Plyometrics" routine. For Day three you'll go back to resistance training with the "Shoulders & Arms" routine plus "Ab Ripper X." Day four will see a change of pace as you switch to "Yoga X." You'll do the "Legs & Back" routine plus "Ab Ripper X" on day five before doing some martial-arts-inspired cardio with "Kenpo X" on day six. Finally, you will end the week with the optional "X Stretch" routine on day seven, or you can just take a rest day.

Weeks 10 and 12

Weeks 10 and 12 follow a slightly different schedule. You'll do "Plyometrics," "Yoga X," "Legs and Back," "Kenpo X," "X Stretch" and "Ab Ripper X" on the same days of the week. What will change are two of the strength training workouts. On day one you'll do "Chest, Shoulders and Triceps" and on day three you'll do "Back & Biceps."

Week 13: Recovery Week

Every few weeks in the program, P90X includes a "recovery week." During this week you'll do less weightlifting and focus more on rest. The final week of P90X is a recovery week. You'll do the "Yoga X" routine on days one and six. "Core Synergistics," which includes minimal weightlifting and light cardio, is performed on days two and five. You'll do "Kenpo X" on day three. During this final week you'll have two days on which you can either rest or do "X Stretch": day four and day seven.

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