Aerobic Exercises at Home for the Stomach Area

Aerobic Exercises at Home for the Stomach Area

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Simple exercises such as jogging in place can help you lose stomach fat.

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A desire to say goodbye to the excess fat around your stomach doesn't necessarily require a trip to the gym. If you're budget-minded or would rather get in shape without leaving your home, a number of aerobic exercises can provide a helping hand as you work to burn calories and lose fat. As with any workout routine in which fat loss is the goal, you'll increase your chance of success by pairing your exercises with a reduced-calorie diet.

Create a Deficit, and Fat Loss Will Come

Aerobic exercise provides the solution when you want to burn fat, but understand that working out in this manner won't just reduce the fat buildup around your stomach. Selecting the precise area of fat that you wish to reduce is not attainable. Upon using exercise and diet to create a caloric deficit, you'll begin to notice the loss of fat from several places around your body, rather than just your stomach region. Keeping your body in this deficit will lead to the overall loss of fat, including a reduction in your stomach fat.

A Wide Selection of Exercises

Given that you won't selectively burn the fat around your stomach through stomach-centric aerobic exercises, the ways to exercise are open-ended. One approach is to purchase an exercise machine, such as an elliptical trainer, treadmill or stationary bike, which you can use to burn calories. If you don't wish to use a machine, other effective aerobic exercises to perform at home include jumping rope, jogging in place, dancing and jumping jacks. Aerobic exercises can lead to decreased fat around your stomach, but if you want to develop a toned abdominal area, a number of strength-training exercises can add variety to your workout. You don't need a gym to strengthen your abs; exercises such as the bicycle maneuver, crunches and vertical leg crunches can all contribute to stronger abs -- and when you burn your excess stomach fat, you abs might become visible. Strengthen this area with two to four sets of eight to 12 reps and allow recovery time of up to 48 hours.

Feel the Caloric Burn

If you have ambitious fat-loss goals, selecting aerobic exercises that burn calories quickly can lead to faster success. Each home-based aerobic workout burns calories at a unique rate. A person who weighs 190 pounds and exercises for 30 minutes, for example, burns approximately 184 calories performing moderate-paced jumping jacks, 227 calories fast ballroom dancing, 410 calories jumping rope and 464 calories using an elliptical trainer. A short aerobic workout can elevate your mood, but losing fat requires you to spend considerable time each week exercising. For fat loss, the general guideline is either 300 minutes of moderate exercise or 150 minutes of vigorous exercise.

Make Time for Exercise

A major advantage to performing aerobic exercises at home is the numerous ways you can include them in your daily routine. The time you'd otherwise spend traveling to and from the gym provides ample opportunity for exercise. A simple approach to ensure you have time for a home aerobic workout is to set your alarm 30 minutes earlier every morning. Prolonging your day affords you the time needed to use an aerobic machine or just perform a few sets of jumping jacks. Instead of being sedentary while watching TV, perform cardio exercises -- during commercial breaks, at the very least. To encourage your entire family to keep fit, schedule regular jump-rope or dance competitions in your basement or living room.

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